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Secrets of Money Documentary

Been working on a Financial Literacy  documentary.  Here is a preview of some of its contents.

February CoPVA Meeting

Meeting is February 22nd at CEAVCO.

Storyboarding & Pre-Visualization Techniques for Videographers

Sonya Shannon Presents:

• Do you waste valuable time trying to figure out how to edit what you shoot?

• Want to get into Same-Day Edits in your wedding videography business, but don’t know where to start?

• Is your portfolio in need of a make-over so you can pick up corporate, industrial, or TV commercial work in the off-season?

• Want to learn 3-D montage techniques, but can’t figure out how?

If the answer is yes, then this evening is for you!

Join storyboard artist and creative director Sonya Shannon for some serious pre-production know-how. Pre-visualization is the key to saving time in the edit, guaranteeing a great result, and moving your technical skills to the next level. We will investigate tools for your videography business, from scripts and concept boards, to storyboards, animatics, and shooting scripts. Whether your shoot is narrative or event-based, proper planning helps you organize your time and communicate with your team to produce cinematic results. Even if you can’t draw, you’ll learn techniques to make storyboards that help you succeed at Same-Day Edits, sell your ideas to clients, and expand your skills into 3-D and special effects.