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Ancient Paths Food Drive

Ancient Paths is a network of home churches in Denver. Making the difference in peoples lives through food. Ancient Paths brings together small groups of people to support one another in the name of God. This years Thanksgiving was dedicated to Ancient Paths Food Drive. On a foggy night the band played, good words were said and food handed away.

Shot and Cut by David Himot
Title: Wish Background
Music: Kevin MacLeod (
Ancient Paths Church Network

T.O.R.C.H. Ministry at Faith E Free Church

Working with video is a great way to get your message out to people.  In this case, Faith E Free Church in Fort Collins had a ministry that was doing great things in the community.  They wanted to highlight the ways TORCH had helped people get back on their feet. Providing the recipients with cars, donated and repaired by volunteers, gave them a sense of hope.  The video in this case took that message to the congregation, letting them know their donations and efforts are making a change in people’s lives. In addition it called upon the congregation to consider volunteering or donating so it can continue its mission Touching Other Repairing Cars and Homes.