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Kristine + Cooper

Here is the highlight reel from Kristine + Cooper’s beautiful wedding on Islamorada, FL. Their choice of location made for an intimate feeling. Giving their guests and family a secluded and secure feeling was very important to them. Quite frankly it felt like stepping into a Corona commercial. The beach, sea, waves and palm trees were everything a cinematographer could ask for.

Bride & Groom: Kristine Jankowski & Cooper Stetson
Bride’s Mother: Maria Soroka – Groom’s Mother & Father: Sally & Mikey Stetson
Bridal Party: Jon Stetson – Jessica Finley
Bridesmaides: Suzanne Flannery, Jennifer Fox, Jean Madden, Krista Schaefer, Shauna Sharpe, Ling Tsui
Groomsman: Tate Benoit, Joey Frederick, Patrick Macdonald, Mikey Stetson, Chris Weich
Flower Girls: Teagan Stetson & Savanna Jankowski
Catering: Tasters Grille & Market
Wedding Coordinater: Kimberly Armstrong
Sound & DJ: DJ Harry – Photography: JnL Studios
Cinematogaphy: Himot Films

Matt & Emily 8mm Wedding

The Matt & Emily’s wedding location was perfect for 8mm Film, rustic, personal and timeless.

Film: 100ASA Cine-X B/W Reversal Stock
Camera: Eumig C3 8mm
Lenses: Eumigon 12.5mm T 1.9 , Eumicron 0,5x, and Eumakro 2x

Ancient Paths Food Drive

Ancient Paths is a network of home churches in Denver. Making the difference in peoples lives through food. Ancient Paths brings together small groups of people to support one another in the name of God. This years Thanksgiving was dedicated to Ancient Paths Food Drive. On a foggy night the band played, good words were said and food handed away.

Shot and Cut by David Himot
Title: Wish Background
Music: Kevin MacLeod (
Ancient Paths Church Network

Just A Wedding Videographer!

David Perry presented this for the opening of his WEVA presentation. Thought I would share it because it sums up much of the stereotypes regarding wedding video.

WEVA Intro Video from David Perry on Vimeo.


The most important thing heard today, was by Tim Sudall, “We dont simply record the past. We invent it. A family history begins today. Memories of future grand parents starts with you.”

Every year WEVA Wedding and Event Videographers Association holds an industry show. This year is the 20th Anniversary of WEVA. Held in Orlando at the Disney Swan it brings together many videographers from around the world. With over 70 lectures on business marketing, creativity and technology it is the place to be if you want to use a video camera to make a living. Additionally there is a trade show floor with many of the vendors in the industry presenting.

The hot topic of this year is HDSLR’s These hybrid cameras are all over the schedule. Everything from lens selection to work flow solutions. They have many advantages within the industry. Using them to produce video used for highlight pieces has become very popular. There ability to shoot in low light and the familiarity of the client to the camera body gives it a great advantage in the marketplace. But as a complete solution they are one out of many tools available to the videographer to help tell story.

Camera Obscura

The kids and I had some time to build a camera obscura this summer. It wasn’t very hard to do. But it did take some time. We used our entertainment room. By blacking out all the windows with 4mil black plastic we managed to remove all light from entering into the room. This is the key to creating a camera obscura, total control of the light.

Now that the room is completely dark. It is time to allow a source of light into the room. Using a dime for the initial aperture. I cut a hole in the plastic with an exacto-knife, tracing the diameter of the dime. With the dime hole created we were now standing inside of the camera. With the single source of light coming through the hole in the plastic there was a reflected image projected inside the entertainment room. Though difficult to see at first due to the sudden source of light and the fact that the image is upside down and backwards from the source. As your eyes adjust the image from outside the the hole is clearly projected into the entire room.

Setting up a projector screen the image became very clear. With the screen becoming a flat focal plane you could see all of the world outside the hole clearly projected onto the screen. The thing that amazed me was the clarity of the image even without a lens. Also the width of the image. The dime sized hole acted as one of the widest angle lens’s I have ever seen. Amazingly wide. Anything that was outside was clearly visible almost to 180 degrees from the aperture.

Then we decided to create several different apertures to see how that changes the image. First we took a piece of card board an punched a hole in it with a Bic pen. Then taped it up in front of the the dime sized hole. This dramatically reduced the available light into the camera obscura. But the images focus became much sharper. Then we took a black piece of construction paper and placed a jewlers #2 screw driver hole in it. Taped that on top of the hole made wit the bic pen. The image again dropped in lumanance, but in the case the focus was not sharper.

Wedding Cinematography

Wedding Cinematography is one of the world’s newest art forms. These mini documentaries are still evolving. They are being created with expert blending of cutting edge technology and masterful storytelling. Using camera techniques, audio acquisition and non linear editors, film makers are pushing the edge of what can be created. Playing with time, lighting, sound, camera motion and visual effects the artist hopes to stir the emotions of its viewer. Today’s wedding videos are short in duration (20-25minutes). They are edited to create a personal connection with the bride and groom.

The example below this is what is called a Pre-Ceremony Montage. It’s purpose is to set the location of the event. Show the Bride and Groom getting ready for their wedding day. Establishing a personal connection between the different people in the wedding and the viewer. Hope you enjoy.

T.O.R.C.H. Ministry at Faith E Free Church

Working with video is a great way to get your message out to people.  In this case, Faith E Free Church in Fort Collins had a ministry that was doing great things in the community.  They wanted to highlight the ways TORCH had helped people get back on their feet. Providing the recipients with cars, donated and repaired by volunteers, gave them a sense of hope.  The video in this case took that message to the congregation, letting them know their donations and efforts are making a change in people’s lives. In addition it called upon the congregation to consider volunteering or donating so it can continue its mission Touching Other Repairing Cars and Homes.

February CoPVA Meeting

Meeting is February 22nd at CEAVCO.

Storyboarding & Pre-Visualization Techniques for Videographers

Sonya Shannon Presents:

• Do you waste valuable time trying to figure out how to edit what you shoot?

• Want to get into Same-Day Edits in your wedding videography business, but don’t know where to start?

• Is your portfolio in need of a make-over so you can pick up corporate, industrial, or TV commercial work in the off-season?

• Want to learn 3-D montage techniques, but can’t figure out how?

If the answer is yes, then this evening is for you!

Join storyboard artist and creative director Sonya Shannon for some serious pre-production know-how. Pre-visualization is the key to saving time in the edit, guaranteeing a great result, and moving your technical skills to the next level. We will investigate tools for your videography business, from scripts and concept boards, to storyboards, animatics, and shooting scripts. Whether your shoot is narrative or event-based, proper planning helps you organize your time and communicate with your team to produce cinematic results. Even if you can’t draw, you’ll learn techniques to make storyboards that help you succeed at Same-Day Edits, sell your ideas to clients, and expand your skills into 3-D and special effects.